ok, so how much?

Pricing for graphic design projects can be tricky. That's why we offer a few different pricing options based on your needs. We understand that for some, project based pricing makes the most sense. While for others an hourly rate or monthly retainer works best. Contact us directly and let's talk about your project!


We offer several packages ranging from brand audits to logo/identity creation. We also offer creative consulting and can help you on one-time creative projects like brochures or other marketing materials.  


If you are an agency or firm, we understand that an hourly rate would be easier for you and your clients. Sometimes individuals would prefer us to use hourly rates too. We're flexible. With agency backgrounds, we are familiar with the process of hourly billing and are happy to price out our jobs to suit your needs.   


If you're a business (or individual) that needs help on a monthly basis and want the convenience of a monthly retainer, we offer that option as well. We can set those up on a monthly or annual basis.