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Hinge Creative Co. is the turning point for small businesses. We know that success can sometimes hinge on your branding and identity, and we want to help! We’re passionate about our Athens community and all of the artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses that thrive here.   

We bring a blend of agency, corporate and freelance experience to accommodate a wide spectrum of projects through graphic design and creative consulting. Ease of doing business is paramount to us and you’ll find that we are responsive, versatile and clever.

We believe that everything is design; and design is in everything. 

We also believe that you’re good at what you do. We want you to be able focus on your craft and let us visually communicate all of that to your audience. Whether we are designing your corporate identity, business cards, brochures, or even your presence online, let us help open doors for your small business.

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ok, so how much?

Pricing for graphic design projects can be tricky. That's why we offer a few different pricing options based on your needs. We understand that for some, project based pricing makes the most sense. While for others an hourly rate or monthly retainer works best. Contact us directly and let's talk about your project!


We offer several packages ranging from brand audits to logo/identity creation. We also offer creative consulting and can help you on one-time creative projects like brochures or other marketing materials.  


If you are an agency or firm, we understand that an hourly rate would be easier for you and your clients. Sometimes individuals would prefer us to use hourly rates too. We're flexible. With agency backgrounds, we are familiar with the process of hourly billing and are happy to price out our jobs to suit your needs.   


If you're a business (or individual) that needs help on a monthly basis and want the convenience of a monthly retainer, we offer that option as well. We can set those up on a monthly or annual basis. 

our clients

Alex hudgens

— CEO, HybridHouse Productions

I cannot say enough about how incredible working with the ladies of Hinge Creative Co. has been. I am a female entrepreneur who specifically seeks out other women who are small business owners when I need a service, and I hit the jackpot with Hinge ... even though I’m all the way in Los Angeles! I had a strong vision for the branding I wanted around my new company, HybridHouse Productions, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to execute it-- that’s when they took over and blew my mind. Not only did they take into account my general requests, but they delivered options full of details that were *perfect* for me, that I hadn’t even known to ask for. I sent my brief to a number of designers and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Hinge from the very first presentation they sent over — it was by far more professional, personal, and beautifully put together than any of the other businesses I was considering. The entire process was A DREAM. These ladies make you feel like you and your project are so special, which is wonderful and reassuring seeing a new business really does feel like “your baby.” Best experience I could have asked for from start to finish, and my has been a massive hit. I get compliments on it constantly.


— Bulldawg Illustrated; 
The Southern Coterie

I have worked with the uber talented graphic artists and marketing savvy ladies of Hinge Creative Co. for years to great success.  Hannah Groseclose currently serves as our art director for Bulldawg Illustrated. Two years ago she created the new style guides for the publication as we converted from newsprint to glossy magazine and she has designed every issue since.  Hannah is a proficient multi-tasker and never misses a deadline.  Her campaigns for advertisers are dynamic and powerful in their branding and messaging. I have also had the privilege to work with Eleanor Sams to create logo packages for several of the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation annual Christmas galas.  She was easy to work with and super intuitive.  These two make a great team.

Lindsay Lucas

— Phil Hughes Automotive Group

The graphics gurus at Hinge Creative Co. have saved me on too many occasions to count! As the marketing director for three very active car dealerships, I often find myself overstretched and under equipped to meet artwork deadlines but Hannah and Eleanor always come through in a pinch! Flexibility and thoughtfulness mean so much in today’s fast paced society and both of these ladies understand the challenges businesses often face when multi-tasking with multiple brands or projects. I have worked with them on a wide variety of different needs – logos, print and digital artwork, stationary and letterhead, event specific assets, signage, banners, etc. There is no limit to their talents and they never shy away from a challenge. They are also virtual mind readers! I, like many other non-creatives, have a difficult time expressing what I’m actually envisioning, thus making the task of creating something I will like impossible. The ladies at Hinge Creative Co. have such vision and natural ability that I can typically just give them size constraints and they work their magic! Hinge Creative Co. is a perfect prototype of our Athens community of  ‘movers and shakers,' right here in the heart of Five Points. 

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